About Penny

Welcome to my Penny deSaver blog!

I, Penny, am your typical girl trying to save money. My goal is to create a secure financial future. And I’m doing this through everyday savings.

My obsession started in 2012. I had a feeling that my family’s debts were growing, but didn’t know for sure. Using a spreadsheet, I listed all our liabilities against our assets…only to discover that we were over $80k negative. Yikes!!!

Through a series of strategic moves and a new mindset we’ve managed to turn this around. We still have a ways to go and lots to learn, but I’m happy to say that in only 4 years we’ve improved from negative $80k to over $100k in the positive.

I’m no financial expert, but my hope is that sharing my personal finance adventures with you can help bring a little more security and peace of mind to your life too.

Thanks for joining me!