How to Save Money with a DIY Couch Makeover

How to Save Money with a DIY Couch Makeover

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I admit, our sofa and loveseat are ancient. We bought them almost 20 years ago – which is pretty old for something that we and our pets sit on every day! We wanted to give them a new look and figure out how to fix the sagging couch cushions ourselves. We’ll eventually replace them, but for the time being, we don’t want to spend the money on a new set. Luckily, after a bit of researching, I was able to give them a whole new look with an affordable, easy DIY couch makeover and extending their life a few more years. All for much less than buying a new set! Here’s what I did:

DIY Fix for Sagging Sofa Cushions

Our sofa cushion seats were sinking. It was embarrassing every time someone came over and sat down. Then I discovered cushion wrap! It’s super easy to use.

If you open up the couch cushions, you’ll notice they have a foam core. This foam core is usually wrapped with sheets of batting. The cushion wrap is basically batting meant for sofa cushions. It comes in a roll and you just cut it to the size you need then wrap the foam core with the cushion wrap batting. Once done, replace the seat covers – instant plumpness! I bought one roll and was able to wrap 5 cushions (3 on the sofa and 2 on the loveseat) and have a little left over. All this for around $30 at my local fabric store!

For your back cushions, you can use poly-fil (a polyester fiberfill) to restuff them. Make sure to fill them as much as you can so they still look plump after the poly-fil settles in a few days.

Most of the time simply wrapping the existing foam will do the trick, but if you need to, you could also replace the foam core. Just make sure to measure for the correct size. And you’ll want to look for specially labeled upholstery foam when you do your shopping. Upholstery foam is designed for being regularly sat on.

Sofa and Loveseat Slipcovers

We were a bit tired of looking at our sofa and loveseat – after so many years we really wanted something different, plus we wanted a layer of protection between our dogs and the furniture. We did both by using slipcovers. In an instant, our couch and loveseat had a brand new – machine washable!! – look. I prefer the stretch, elastic slipcovers because they look a bit more form fitted, but that’s just my personal taste. You can find slipcovers at almost any home décor store or online.

Accessorize the Furniture

Lastly, we got new throw pillows – 3 on the sofa and 2 on the loveseat, but, obviously, you would do your own combination. I think sofa and loveseats just look more inviting with accessories. Whether it’s throw pillows and/or a throw blanket casually draped, adding accessories will give your furniture a comfy feel. Plus, you can get really wild and change the accessories to match each season or holiday! 🙂

How to Save Money with a DIY Sofa Makeover
How to Save Money with a DIY Couch Makeover