Four Steps to Make Sure You Stick With Your Goals + Free Goal Setting Printable

4 Steps to Make Sure You Stick With Your Goals

When the year comes to an end, many of us will reflect on the past and plan ways we can improve our lives in the coming year. Full of great intentions, most of us will announce life-changing New Year’s resolutions come NYE. Yet, less than 10% of us will actually keep them. Life changing goals can be overwhelming. A lot of times we just don’t know where to start. So, whether you call them goals or resolutions, here is a 4-step plan to help you succeed.

As a bonus, here is a FREE printable worksheet to help you create goals you’ll actually complete. Just click here for the pdf.

STEP 1: Clearly Define Your Goal or Resolution

To achieve your goal, you first want to clearly define what your goal is. If your goal is not specific enough, it’ll be hard to know what exactly to strive for or know for sure if you accomplished it. This will also help you make sure that your goal is realistic – if you set out to do something that will be impossible for you to get done, you can end up unnecessarily feeling deflated rather than energized by your own success. Here’s an example:

Ok goal: I want to save more money

Best goal: I want to add $2,000 to my emergency fund next year

STEP 2: Create Mini Goals with Due Dates

The original goal may seem too big and overwhelming, but by creating mini goals, you can break it down into less scary, bite-sized goals. And by setting due dates you avoid either procrastinating or not working towards your goal at all. Let’s look at our sample goal to save $2,000 in the next 12 months:

Goal by End of Year: I want to add $2,000 to my emergency fund next year

Mini Goal: I’ll need to save or generate an additional $167 every month for the next 12 months (the end of each month will be the due date)

STEP 3: Create Your Action Plan

In our example above, we figured out that we need to save or generate an additional $167 each month in order to have an extra $2,000 at the end of the year. Your action plan can help you detail how to reach your mini goals. You may have to do multiple things to get to the $167 extra per month and here’s where you’ll note what those steps will be. It could even vary by month. Here’s an example of what this could look like:

Action Item example Monthly Savings From Action Item example

Cut Cable Costs

Streaming options are much cheaper than having cable


Between $50 to $100 each month, depending on your options

Pack Lunch for Work 1 Extra Day Each Week

An average weekday lunch is about $10


About $40 each month

Avoid ATM Fees

The average user visits ATMs about 7 times each month. Average ATM fee is now $4.57 per transaction.


About $32 each month

*Money Tip: for more ways to save money, take a look at my posts on saving*

STEP 4: Save Your Goals and Check Your Progress

The easiest way to not reach your goals is to forget you made them. Whether you choose to make your goals on paper or digitally, make sure to save your goal and mini goals and check your progress throughout the year to make sure you’re on track.

Don’t forget your FREE printable Personal Goal Setting PDF Worksheet to help you create goals you’ll complete.

4 Steps to Make Sure You Stick With Your Goals
Four Steps to Make Sure You Stick With Your Goals