Having Copies of the $4 Generics Drug Lists With You May Save You on Prescriptions – includes links to lists!

Having Copies of the $4 Generics Drug Lists Handy May Save you on Prescriptions. Click through for links to lists

One of the easiest ways to save money on prescription drugs is to buy generics. Luckily, some of the more commonly prescribed generics are available for only $4 for 30-day supplies or $10 for 90-day supplies at the pharmacies of many retailers and grocery stores. And most offer a pretty comprehensive list of drugs. The trouble is knowing what is and isn’t included in the generics drug lists of your favorite pharmacies at the moment your doctor is ready to write your prescription and asks which pharmacy you want to use – so much pressure! The solution is to prepare before arriving at your appointment.

Save the Generics Drug Lists to your Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, you can always do a search for the generics drug lists for your favorite pharmacies and, once you find them, save them for later use. If you have an iPhone, you can choose “Add to Reading List” and this will save your file so that you can read it offline later if necessary and, if you have an Android, you can save it as a pdf. Here is an article that will walk you through how to do this.

Print the Generics Drug Lists to Take to Your Doctor

My favorite idea is to print a list from one or two pharmacies nearby and have them ready to show my doctor. This may seem really outdated, but you just never know how well your phone will work inside their office or if the website you’re trying to access is having problems at the very moment you need it. For example, I recently found out the hard way that my phone’s internet connection is pitifully weak inside my doctor’s office. Then, after I finally pulled up the list I was looking for, my doctor seemed uncomfortable scrolling through the list on my phone. To avoid this awkwardness and, hopefully, save money, it’ll help to have a low-cost generics drug list printed ahead of time.

Plus, if your prescribed drug isn’t on the list, this gives you a chance to ask your doctor to take a look at the list and see if there is an alternate listed that they could recommend. Again, it’ll help to arrive prepared!

Here are links to just some of the retailers that offer low-cost generics to help you prepare for your next doctor visit. If you don’t see your favorite pharmacy listed here, simply do a search for “retailer name generic drug list” or ask your pharmacist if they have a generic prescription drug program.

Target’s Generic Drug List – pdf

Walmart’s Generic Drug List – pdf

Walgreens’ Generic Drug List – pdf

Wegmans’ Generic Drug List – pdf

Winn-Dixie’s Generic Drug List