What To Do With Your Unwanted Gifts

Plan What to do With Your Unwanted Gifts

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Whether for the holidays, birthday, graduation, wedding, whatever, after the excitement from the festivities has worn off, do you find yourself with gifts that just aren’t quite “you”? And, worse, you can’t return them? Keeping these a lot of times just ends up in clutter. And we don’t want that. But with a little planning, you can rehome your unwanted gifts with someone that will love them! Here are some ways how:

Donate Your Unwanted Gifts

Think about what you have and who could benefit from it. All communities have not-for-profits that would welcome your unwanted gift(s). Whether shelters for people or animals, after school care programs, food pantries, and so on, there is likely an organization near you in need. If you’re not sure which groups may be in your area, try a site like JustGive.org where you can search in your local area.

And don’t forget to get a tax receipt for your donation.

Resell Your Unwanted Gifts

You can resell your unwanted gifts in a yard sale, Craigslist, or similar community board, or sell on Ebay. If you have designer items, you can always sell those via a local or online consignment store. Try a website like Consignment Shopper to find a consignment shop near you.


Acceptable by over 75% of us, according to AMEX, regifting is pretty mainstream. But it needs to be done tactfully and thoughtfully. Regifting is not simply handing someone a gift you don’t want. There’s more to it. Remember, the thought still counts. Only regift if you think the item will be appreciated by the new recipient. Otherwise, it’s just lazy.

With that said, I have a storage bin under my guest bed with items set aside for regifting. These are a combination of unwanted gifts, unused gems I found at yard sales and thrift stores that I thought would make great gifts down the road and other random items that I somehow end up with throughout the year. They would all make great regifts alone or as part of a gift basket. All are unopened and in good condition and just waiting for their perfect home!

Here are 2 rules for organizing your regifts:

1. Label the items with the original gifter’s name. This is important because you want to make sure that your next recipient is in a different circle of people. Why? Because, obviously, you wouldn’t want to give someone the very same gift they gave you, but you also don’t want to take the chance that someone else may regift it back to the original person down the road. For example, if one of your cousins gives you a present you plan to regift, the next recipient should be a co-worker or friend that has little to no relationship with anyone in your family. So have your sticky notes ready.

2. Store your regifting items together. Like the bin under my guest bed that I mentioned above. This will make it easy to find your regifts when you need them. The next time you need to plan a gift for someone, you’ll have a designated place to look in before you head to the store. Plus, you’ll save time if you don’t have to search all over your house for a gift.


Plan What to do With Your Unwanted Gifts
Plan What to do With Your Unwanted Gifts